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Backup and Restore Solutions

Backup is of paramount importance to Enterprise clients. Protecting valuable data and assets, with the ability to recover lost files, is essential for any modern business.

We work with our clients to provide the most effective server backup strategy with the overall objective of providing the ability to restore both configuration data and content in the event of a server or component failure, with minimal data loss.

We offer several backup options, such as Bacula managed backup for Linux and Microsoft Data Protection Manager (Microsoft DPM.)Our managed backup and restore services ensure that your data is protected, with one full weekly backup and 6 daily incremental backups offered as standard. Our hosting specialists will advise on standard and bespoke backup options to meet the requirements of your solution.

All UKFast server backups are disk-based, as opposed to older tape-based systems. Disk-to-disk backup technology deploys functions like a virtual tape library and can be configured to suit any backup regime. Our backup systems allow for much flexibility and can be backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Considering your RPO / RTO as part of a wider business continuity plan, we will review your maximum tolerable outage times to ensure your backup solution meets your objectives.

This method allows for data retrieval from any point in the last 7 days or more dependent on your level of customisation.

Benefits of managed backup solutions

  • Scalable capacity, that extends to meet your usage needs
  • Full system state backups and data restore
  • Fully automated system
  • Rapid restores of your data
  • User defined retention periods
  • Backup directly to hard drives
  • Ability to customise the backup regime through the online control panel
  • Identify specific folders or file types to backup
  • Schedule backups around your daily activity
  • Offsite shipping and archiving
  • Backup server housed in the same rack as the dedicated server, reducing backup and restore times
  • Weekly full system state disk backup with daily incremental backups
  • Scalable quotas
  • Fully customisable including data backup and SQL backup

For virtual server solutions using VMware or Hyper-V, you can also utilise snapshots to restore virtual machines to an earlier point in time.

UKFast's new data centre facility, opening Summer 2011, includes our Dedicated Backup Network™. This means that backup servers are run on a completely separate network to your main servers, with separate switches and connections, adding an extra level of redundancy to your backup solution without additional cost.


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