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Office in the Cloud

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I was surprised to see the findings of an online poll by Computer Weekly this week about cloud-based applications.

On 1st August 2011, the results of the poll stood at:

Would you change to a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office?

 Yes: 27.08%      No: 63.99%       Cloud? 8.93%   

With increasing education of cloud services and rising demand for flexible IT services, these results appear to go against the grain.

Cloud-based Office 365 was formally launched at the end of June; a Microsoft service that puts all of the familiar Office packages on the web.

So why is it that people would respond in this way? By accessing apps in the cloud, businesses are enabling collaboration and taking steps towards enabling remote working. Documents can be shared and edited in real time, cutting out multiple document versions on emails going back and forth between colleagues.

Are people not ready to embrace this way of working? Even though the tools are familiar, it is a change in how they are consumed, and change resistance in itself can be a major barrier to technology acceptance.

At UKFast Enterprise, we have seen the demand for cloud applications and responded with our product CloudApps – which allows you to host Microsoft applications as well as in-house applications and other business services in the cloud.

It’s my opinion that once these services are tried, the benefits are instantaneous. But taking that leap of faith may be the biggest barrier to adoption.

What do you think about these results – would you switch to Office in the cloud?

Source (poll) www.computerweekly.co.uk


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