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Business Continuity - Planning for Disaster

Business continuity refers to activities that are performed by an organisation to prevent loss of business functions or data in the event of any unplanned events or service disruption.

A business continuity plan is essential to protect the interests of any organisation. It is of critical importance, though many organisations still don't have the appropriate measures in place, or have plans which are out of date or just impractical.

Our business continuity plans include managed backup and restore solutions, as well as high availability hosting solutions such as replication, clustering and load balancing to ensure that data and important files, as well as day to day operations, are protected.

Business continuity can be confused with disaster recovery, but this is just one small part of an overall business continuity plan.

The term business continuity refers to the methodology, with a business continuity plan determining what that methodology should be. The business continuity plan is followed on a daily basis to ensure that the business can function as normal.

We will advise you on the appropriate solutions to ensure business continuity. Contact UKFast Enterprise for a consultation, to assist with your business continuity planning.


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