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Carbon Neutral Hosting

At UKFast Enterprise we recognise that sustainable IT is fast becoming an issue of relevance to business communities all over the world. As consumers demand to know more about the environmental impact of the products and services they consume, big business will be expected to lead the way in delivering environmentally-conscious solutions.

UKFast has been working hard to cancel out its environmental impact for some time and in 2010 UKFast announced it had taken the biggest environmental step of any top tier UK hosting provider by becoming a completely carbon neutral company.

UKFast Energy was launched in 2010 as a vehicle to invest £12.5 million in hydro-electric power plants to create green electricity for its data centres. UKFast Energy is planning a series of 11 hydroelectric power plants in Wales and Scotland to consolidate the company's position in the green IT market.

In order for UKFast and its subsidiary companies, including UKFast Enterprise, to gain carbon neutrality status with immediate effect, UKFast Energy invested in a series of existing hydro electric plants in Peru, Brazil and Turkey. Offsetting more than 2,000 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalence).

The carbon neutral status of UKFast and its sister companies means the hosting solutions of all of our clients is also completely carbon neutral at no extra cost. And we've committed to invest further in every quarter to cover all new clients and expansion.

Carbon neutral hosting is of great benefit to businesses that are targeted under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Carbon Reduction Commitment). The scheme - which came into effect across the UK in April 2010 - will target large business and public sector organisations to become more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

PAS 2060 / ISO 14001:2004

PAS2060 accredited

Having extensively calculated our carbon footprint, UKFast Enterprise's parent company is also the first UK hosting provider to achieve PAS 2060 certification. This guarantees the validity of our carbon neutral status across all office activity, the commuting of all team members and our data centres including all devices and daily operational power consumption.

ISO 14001 accredited

UKFast is certified to the environmental standards of ISO 14001 - an internationally-recognised certificate for evaluating how well an organisation manages its environmental responsibilities.


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