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Case Studies

Before contacting UKFast, Funky Pigeon was hosted on its own servers in unreliable conditions.

Funky Pigeon was one of the first clients to benefit from UKFast's web acceleration technology that enables increased website speed and performance. The in house-developed website accelerator, Webcelerate, works by providing extra capacity so that a website can do more at once. Web acceleration technology really becomes effective for large volumes of traffic - the more visitors to the site, the more content becomes cached.

This means that the web accelerator performance is at its best at peak times. Using the same technology as Facebook and Slashdot to speed up web services, Webcelerator is the ideal solution for retail and e-commerce websites and high traffic sites.

Within three months of joining UKFast, Funky Pigeon saw a dramatic surge in daily sales, increasing from around 60 to 1,600.


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