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Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of computers working together to deliver static and dynamic content over a vast network infrastructure.

By partnering with leading CDN provider CD Networks, UKFast is able to provide an extended global reach which allows mass traffic handling.

This is ideal for providing increased speed and performance for organisations with an international presence.

With CDN, we can provide a greatly enhanced network capacity which delivers of 1.1TB per second.

This technology allows Help for Heroes to stream HD coverage of its live charity concert Worldwide, AXA to share of global marketing pdfs and Historic Futures to make its web requests 10 times faster.

It works by using caching technology and a private extended network with connection nodes all around the world, travelling through less hops than a standard internet connection which increases speed of delivery. Traffic travels on the internet to the first hop before travelling across the CDN global network to the nearest IP hop to the end user's location.

  • Offers automatic DDoS prevention
  • Includes static and dynamic content
  • Dynamic CDN incorporates global load balancing
  • Utilises biggest CDN network in Asia
  • No need for developers to change code - uses a CDN subdomain

Our CDN specialists will advise you on improving your global web performance using content delivery networks; contact us for a consultation.


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