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Data Centre Specifications

The following facilities are offered at a fraction of the cost against setting up and managing the same data centre facilities in-house.


Our data centres facilities are fully equipped with redundant power provided via 3 x 10000kva, 48 hour bundled diesel generators. Using only industrial grade UPS power, the devices utilise battery power that is stored in a separate cooled plant room with fire suppression and cooling systems.

The UPS' and generators are fully maintained and regularly start-up and failover tested to ensure the highest levels of availability and minimal downtime.


Servers are cooled to ensure high levels of uptime and hardware longevity. We use air cooled DX chillers in N+1 configuration, mezzanine flooring and external units that cool the refrigerant and pass through the computer room air conditioner.

Power cabling runs under raised flooring on the hot aisles, to maximise air flow to the cold aisles and increase efficiency and power economy. Network cabling runs overhead in the hot aisle to maximise the air flow in the floor void.

Cold aisle containment

Each of our rows makes use of cold aisle containment, with a solid roof and sliding doors at each end of the cold aisle to minimise the air loss and increase efficiency. We monitor temperature, moisture and humidity levels in individual suites.

Fire suppression

Our data centres are equipped with FM200 gaseous based suppression systems using world class VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection) and alarm systems, which absorb heat rapidly in the event of fire.

Rack layout and design

Our servers access individual power bars within racks, with A&B feeds for power redundancy. Each A&B feed is connected to separate Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

We offer colocation opportunities, from quarter rack to multiple rack space, allowing you to utilise our infrastructure and secure data centre facilities to house and manage your own equipment.


Our data centres are protected by CCTV security systems, cage and entry door access controls, 24/7/365 security patrols and front desk security.


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