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UKFast Data Centres - Redundant N+1 Facilities

Our data centres are highly redundant, physically secure facilities that allow you to host and manage your servers and networking equipment in a controlled environment. All of our data centres are certified carbon neutral under PAS 2060, covering all new and existing client solutions.

Your business critical applications will always be up and accessible. This is because we utilise multiple ISP's, where fibre optic lines terminate at our data centres and can be failed over seamlessly.

Carbon neutral data centres

Our new data centre, launched in July 2011 in the Trafford Park area of Manchester is, we believe, one of the greenest of its kind. The £4 million data centre, MaNOC 4, is equipped with ecoservers that offer the same great hosting service but use less energy than the average solution. The industry-leading uninterrupted power supply (UPS) - crucial if the main electricity supply fails - is seven per cent more energy efficient than the industry average, meaning less wasted energy. And the use of "free cooling" air conditioning units that take advantage of the outside climate will reduce company running costs by up to a third.

To maximise the opportunities in the new facility, UKFast is creating a training centre on the top floor of the building to continue its professional development schemes.

Data centre facilities

All of our data centres are carbon neutral and based in the North West with dual links to London. Our facilities are Tier II, which means they have redundant (N+1) components, raised floors, UPS which can be taken offline for servicing without compromising the operation of the sites, generator support and on-site security.

Our data centres use regulated power and aggregated internet connectivity to multiple providers throughout the UK, providing a fast, robust network.

Our data centre operations team constantly monitors the power to all power feeds on the racks at the PDU level, rather than in the rack, offering more flexibility and accuracy, as well as power and cooling levels. This level of 24/7/365 care ensures that we are equiped to respond to any abnomality.

We use the industry's best routers from Cisco to provide on Anomaly Detection and Intrusion Prevention systems, protecting our gateway from bad traffic and malicious software. Taking this additional measure at the router level ensures increased security.

In addition to managed services, we offer colocation opportunities, from quarter rack to multiple full rack space, allowing you to utilise our infrastructure and secure data centre facilities to house and manage your own equipment.

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