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High Scalability Hosting

Highly scalable hosting enables your business to react to changing demands quickly.

Web Acceleration

With advanced webs hosting solutions such as web acceleration, your website can handle large spikes of traffic, ensuring that your hosting remains at optimum performance even at your busiest times.

Content Delivery Networks

Utilising advanced CDN technology, your website is able to handle global website traffic without comprimising on speed. Our CDN solution includes nodes all over the world, using caching technology to reduce the number of traffic hops and therefore increasing overall speed and performance of both static and dynamic content.

Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions allow your business to grow and provide a solid framework for future scaling. Using virtualisation technology from Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware, private clouds provide a high performance virtual infrastructure without sharing resources with other organisations.

This means that your private cloud environment does not use shared storage or capacity, so that your solution can scale as necessary, almost instantly. We can even offer bursting into the public cloud for high volume campaigns or additional temporary capacity.

Our Enterprise team will advise you on the best way to achieve scalable hosting; contact our experts for a consultation.


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