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Our Hosting Network

UKFast has three data centres in the North West, connected to London via two 1GB rings with another dark fibre ring connecting five data centres around London itself. This means that, in the unlikely event that any one data centre goes offline there will always be an alternate route which can be utilised to avoid any downtime or disruption.

Our network is highly secure, with a reliable peering strategy combining with state of the art Cisco and Juniper hardware to ensure a network with no single point of failure. We also have peering arrangements in place with LINXP, LONAPP, LIPEX, MaNAPP and MCIX.

We have eight transit links into London from six different clients including: AboveNet, Telia, Verion, Global Crossing, Level 3 and Tiscali. Each and every one of these clients has been selected for their global reach and reliability.

We utilise multiple Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) to power the equipment, ensuring your connectivity is redundant to N+1.

BGP routing and failover

Our core network makes use of BGP redundancy and failover to ensure that your data is sent along the most reliable path and is delivered as quickly as possible.

If one provider's connection fails, BGP allows instant failover and re-routes your critical data over a different path with an alternate provider to keep uptime standards as high as possible.

Network security

As standard we provide you the latest combined Cisco and Juniper firewall technology to prevent unauthorised access and compromise of your servers and associated services.

UKFast provides updated security with minimal impact to your business. We also offer additional security using the latest in network IDS systems to detect and prevent anomalies in network traffic, and anti-flood devices.

Connectivity advantages

Having your own dedicated line to connect your networks across long distances is expensive to acquire and maintain and may not be as reliable as the fibre optic connections between our data centres.

IT outsourcing gives you increased connectivity and greater redundancy without the additional outlay.

Increased bandwidth

We assure you of excess bandwidth capacity so that your high-speed lines don't slow down even during peak load time, allowing you to burst traffic as and when you need it, to cope with seasonal fluctuations and marketing campaigns. We don't charge for additional bandwidth outside of your allowance - we'll simply work with you to ensure that your quota meets your current and future requirements.


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