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Hosting Solutions for Enterprise Clients

Hosting solutions from UKFast Enterprise are designed to ensure the highest levels of resilience, uptime and scalability.

  • High availability hosting

Our high availability solutions incorporate clustering, load balancing and failover for added redundancy - for mission critical websites, databases and applications. High availability hosting is vital for e-commerce websites to prevent periods of prolongued downtime, which can lead to missed sales opportunities, and for large brands that need to protect their brand image and reputation.

Dedicated servers are usually configured in redundant pairs to ensure high availability. By combining the latest technology with high availability solutions including server replication and managed backup, UKFast Enterprise is able to deliver secure and reliable hosting to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • High scalability hosting

High scalability solutions include private cloud and hybrid cloud, as well as web acceleration and CDN.

Webcelerator is an exclusive UKFast product which enables high traffic websites to perform effectively during peak periods, greatly enhancing site performance. This allows your website to scale rapidly, improving the capacity of servers to ensure that the solution has the room to grow.

Our private cloud solutions are bespoke and can include bursting traffic into the public cloud as well as highly scalable virtualised infrastructures which allow for rapid deployment of additional virtual machines as necessary.

  • Application hosting

Our critical application hosting solutions provide stability and security for business applications, from Microsoft Exchange servers, CRM systems to bespoke internal software.

Enterprise application hosting is delivered through the CloudApps platform; a secure, remote infrastructure platform that allows you to host up to 30 in-house applications along with Exchange email, SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office applications, plus Fireworks, Illustrator and many more.

This flexible application solution allows employees to work flexibly, accessing business applications from an internet-connected PC, laptop or Smartphone.


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