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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which combines systems in multiple locations to make a new cloud structure. The hybrid cloud model is proving increasingly popular due to its flexibility.

Hybrid cloud solutions enable organisations to maintain a mix of on-premise and off-premise cloud computing resources, utilising both public cloud and private cloud.

For example, an organisation could manage its database servers in-house whilst benefiting from highly scalable web servers that are hosted externally in UKFast's advanced data centres. Or they may use a combination of public cloud and private cloud infrastructures, using the private environment for critical tasks and the public cloud to support seasonal traffic peaks.

Combining private cloud services

For large enterprises with substantial investments in existing infrastructure and resources, it may be beneficial to consider a hybrid cloud model which combines both in-house servers, with private cloud services.

For example, locally-hosted applications would interface with cloud applications, providing a combination of cloud and traditional software. Or large scale websites that are hosted in a virtualised private cloud environment could be maintained separately to integrated enterprise applications.

Alternatively, hybrid cloud configurations are ideal for test environments - which are developed and tested in the private cloud, whilst mission critical applications are managed in a load balanced, clustered, dedicated environment.

The advantage of a hybrid model is that you still have dedicated servers but you also reap the benefits of having access to hosted services. This allows you to expand your web presence and still maintain some level of in-house control and privacy, whilst outsourcing infrastructure and other computing services to the cloud.

A hybrid cloud scenario therefore enables an effective ROI, lower outsourcing cost, integrated external applications hosted in the cloud with your internal processes.

Our Enterprise team of hosting experts and solutions architects will advise you on private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to meet your requirements.


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