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Dedicated Linux Servers for Enterprise Hosting

Linux is an open source operating system, which means that it is highly customisable and there are no operating system licences. UKFast Enterprise is an official RedHat partner, but also supports CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, with a team of Linux support engineers available to advise on your solution.

As part of our dedicated Linux web hosting solutions, we offer clustering, load balancing and virtualisation solutions for increased resilience and redundancy.

Your Linux hosting solution will be fully managed, 24/7/365, by our experienced team of technical Linux experts.

For increased security, your solution will benefit from UKFast ProProtection as standard.

Our close partnership with HP allows us to offer the latest enterprise-class dual core and quad core servers for high performance.

To support your Linux solution, we recommend the use of Red Hat clustering to provide reliability, scalability, and availability to critical applications.

High availability clusters use redundant servers to ensure that your services will always be available, even if one of the servers becomes inactive.

The Red Hat Cluster Suite can be used in many configurations in order to provide high availability, scalability, load balancing, file sharing and high performance.

UKFast Enterprise also provides dedicated Windows server solutions and we will advise on the best solution to meet your requirements.

We also recommend Webcelerator, a website accelerator developed in-house by UKFast for increasing website capacity and performance.


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