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Load Balancing for Reliability and Uptime

UKFast Enterprise offers fully managed load balancing solutions. Our solutions architects will provide advice on all aspects of your load balancer and failover strategy to support your website hosting.

Load balancing is the process of distributing inbound IP traffic between multiple resources in order to make a website highly scalable and reliable.

Load balancing typically occurs between multiple servers but can include any network component such as connectivity links, hard drives, processors or other resources.

When multiple users access your website simultaneously, the load balancer distributes the requests to a number of servers, forwarding requests as one resource becomes overloaded. This is vital for busy networks where it is difficult to predict the number of server request or the site experiences frequent spikes in traffic.

Load balancing packages can be extremely cost effective, providing high levels of reliability and failover for when constant uptime is critical. It is often recommended to have multiple load balancers, for live sites, test sites and dev sites.

Layer 7 and Layer 4 Load balancing

Layer 4 SLB, or layer 4 switches, direct the traffic towards servers according to certain predefined algorithms. Layer 7 load balancing is the application layer of the TCP/IP model. This layer contains all protocols which are used in process-to-process communications across a network, directing traffic based on contents, such as URL, cookie or SSL session ID. In a dedicated server hosting environment, Layer 7 load balancing provides optimum performance.

Layer 7 hardware switching and complex algorithms are usually required to manage layer 7 load balancing solutions. This offers more intelligent switching meaning that the servers can be optimised and dedicated to their specific type of content.

The whole process is managed by our experienced team of technical professionals, hosted in our high-tech data centre facilities and supported with 24/7/365 care.

Layer 7 load balancing benefits:

  • Fully managed solution, from solution build to ongoing maintenance
  • Software updates are fully managed by UKFast Enterprise
  • Optimum utilisation of resources for improved performance and cost efficiencies
  • Maximum throughput enhances the user experience
  • Improved reliability and scalability
  • Ensures that no single server is overwhelmed
  • Reduces service time by allowing multiple servers to handle requests
  • Load balancer identifies which server has the appropriate availability, avoiding resource overload
  • Traffic can be sent to any number of back end servers
  • Traffic can be redirected based on the URL accessed and content type
  • URL's can be rewritten.

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