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Mon, 10 Oct 2011
LulzSec Leader Reveals Motives of Hackers

The main man behind hacking group LulzSec has revealed details about hackers' motives and attitudes in an exclusive interview this weekend but what can businesses and their clients learn from the revelations?

The group leader who calls himself "Sabu" broke his silence in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on Reddit in which he discusses Lulzsec's achievements, bank security, sentencing for cyber criminals, the businesses that are currently under threat and Facebook - the social network that he describes as a "global cancer".

Sabu sits at the helm of LulzSec - an offshoot of the Anonymous hacking collective which, during a hacking spree in May and July 2011, attacked a number of high profile companies' sites including Sony Pictures Europe, Fox.com, PBS and the News International site.

Sabu said the group's biggest success was that it "exposed the sad state of security across the media, social, government online environments".

He claims to have a stash of data copied from the Sun which is being stored along with data from a number of other hack attacks. Sabu stated on Twitter: "there are a lot of interesting dumps we're sitting on due to timing". Only time will tell who will fall victim to the powerful hacking group.

The exclusive interview with Sabu revealed much about the mindset of a professional hacker. His answers confirm predictions that he is married, from Puerto Rica and around 30 years of age. They also tell us that he studied social sciences and English, is fluent in English, Spanish and German and that his technical hacking skills are self-taught.

Sabu also used the interview to voice his opinions on sentencing for cyber crimes that he thinks are too unjustifiably harsh. "The penalties for any cybercrime (with the exception of child pornography) is severely archaic. And enforced by non-computer users. A DDOS (distributed denial of service) should not [attract a sentence of] 10 years at all especially when rapists and murderers do LESS than time."

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