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Fri, 14 Oct 2011
Sony Suffers at Hands of Hackers...Again

Gaming and electronics giant Sony has found itself in hot water again after falling victim to another hack attack that has compromised up to 93,000 customer accounts. The fresh attack on Sony's online servers follows an attack earlier this year that saw the company's PlayStation network disrupted.

Sony has temporarily suspended 93,000 accounts after attempts were made to access the company's data using sign-in IDs and passwords although Philip Reitinger, Sony's chief information security officer, said in a blog statement that the majority of the passwords did not work and that customer credit card information was not at risk. He also said steps had been taken "to mitigate the activity".

The company suffered a blow in April this year when an attack allowed hackers access to the account details of up to 70 million PS3 owners. Sony was criticised for taking too long to acknowledge the problem and inform customers of the situation.

This time, Sony appears to have reacted almost immediately, assuring its customers that any accounts compromised in the attack would be monitored for unauthorised access and affected customers kept informed.

Reitinger used the statement to remind customers to choose unique, hard-to-guess passwords and "always look for unusual activity in your account".

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