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Private Cloud Computing Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Cloud infrastructure is a computing concept that enables an organisation to leverage its own single-tenant, virtual infrastructure for high performance computing.

Private cloud computing brings together technology and hosting architecture to form a highly scalable, secure cloud environment.

With a private cloud environment, resources are dedicated to a single organisation, without sharing memory or processing power. This allows you to rapidly deploy new software and scale according to the needs of your business.

Private cloud computing refers to an on-demand service; a group of servers with dedicated network and resources. Private cloud solutions often use virtualisation (virtual servers) which means that all of your under-used hardware can be consolidated onto virtual machines, with resilient storage, processing capacity and bandwidth.

The forumla P+M+S+N defines the infrastructure of a private cloud, which consists of processors, memory, storage (SAN) and network layers. As experts in building bespoke private cloud environments, we provide recommendations for each component, such as a choice of hypervisors for virtual environments (VMware or Hyper-V) and optional add-ons such as Web Acceleration and Anti-DDoS.

Private clouds continue to grow in popularity as they enable organisations to save time and money by creating a resilient cloud computing environment which results in lower costs over time. As resources are utilised and shared amongst machines, organisations benefits from the flexibility of rapid deployment and the ability to add virtual machines when needed, only paying for what they use.

For high traffic websites, critical applications and large e-commerce brands, private clouds offer security, always-on availability and performance. When reliability, performance and uptime are paramount, we will always recommend a secure private cloud.

Benefits of private cloud

  • Ideal for Intranet hosting, CRM or software hosting, office outsourcing, large scale consolidation, bespoke application hosting or large scale website hosting
  • Dedicated resources for increased performance and security
  • Direct access to 24/7/365 Linux and Microsoft engineers on site in the UK
  • Highly scalable, resilient and flexible
  • Hyper-V or VMware server virtualisation for increased performance and resilience
  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • Virtualisation specialists are on hand to provide expert advice
  • UKFast Enterprise solutions architects will build your private cloud solution
  • Your private cloud will be hosted from our secure data centre, with 24/7/365 technical support, maintenance, backup and monitoring
  • Full disaster recovery and backup solutions
  • 100% carbon neutral hosting certified to PAS 2060
  • ISO27001 accreditation ensures complete security of information

The UKFast Enterprise team includes specialists in both Hyper-V and VMware, in order to build and support dedicated virtual private cloud environments.


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