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Server Clustering for Failover and Load Balancing

A server cluster is a group of independent servers that are managed as a single system to provide highly reliable, unified computing.

Clusters offer higher availability, greater manageability, and more scalability than un-clustered solutions. Utilising clustering, services can be automatically switched to an alternative node in the event of any hardware issues, providing failover to avoid service disruption.

In a dedicated web server environment, a server cluster can be defined in two ways:

Active / Active server cluster

  • The cluster is made up of multiple independent, redundant servers
  • The load is distributed through round-robin DNS
  • The load is balanced by a load-balancing solution

Active / Passive server cluster

  • Multiple servers are configured to provide a service
  • Only a single server provides the service at any given time
  • Other servers act as hot-spares in case of any hardware issues

Benefits of a server cluster

  • Complete planned downtime without service interruption by transferring the workload to another node
  • Machines failover in the event of hardware failure - avoiding any loss of service
  • Load balancing achieved by distributing the website load over the cluster nodes for increased scalability

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