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SQL Replication for Database Protection

UKFast Enterprise hosting solutions ensure redundancy and reliability, with replication options to ensure high availability.

SQL server replication protects your important databases and protects against downtime.

Replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database server to another and then synchronising the databases to maintain consistency. SQL replication allows not only for copying data between databases, but also any database objects as well.

If you have a business-critical database, it is advisable to have a replication of this database on another physical database server, which is ready to take over in the event of failure.

With SQL replication, your database activities automatically failover to an alternative server in the event of hardware failure - without service interruption.

This is vital protection for important business databases, offering peace of mind and increased security against potential data loss.

We offer replication options for both MySQL and Microsoft SQL clients - allowing you to benefit from increased reliability and availability.

Master-slave and master-master replication configurations are used to provide SQL replication, depending on your needs.

SQL replication is also used as a method of load balancing, allowing you to share the load between multiple database servers.

Or hosting specialists will advise on SQL replication according to the requirements of your solution.

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