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UK Hosting

At UKFast Enterprise, all our support is UK-based, with 24/7/365 freephone access to onsite UKFast support staff and qualified engineers.

There are some key benefits to choosing a hosting provider that is based in the UK:

  • Speed and search ranking

For companies based in the UK, page load speed and search ranking can be affected if your server is hosted outside of the UK. As well as having an impact on customer experience, Google uses the IP address of the server as one of many factors that determines your overall ranking in local search results.

For global hosting requirements, we provide CDN solutions to deliver international content quickly and reliably.

  • Data protection

It's a legal requirement to ensure that your business complies with the Data Protection Act. In some cases, using a hosting provider based outside of the UK or using overseas support (even temporarily) could risk contravening this legislation.

The European Union's Data Protection Act (1998) states that websites gathering personal information about users must notify individuals of this, and consent is required to collect sensitive, personal data.

According to the American Freedom of Information Act, personal data can be transferred or sold to third parties without an individual's consent or knowledge.

As a client of UKFast Enterprise, your data is guaranteed to remain in the UK. UKFast is ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant, highlighting our compliance with relevant security standards.

  • Low risk of flooding

All UKFast data centres are located in the North West, with eight transit links into London from six different suppliers, offering high availability and reliability. Our Manchester base offers a low risk of threat from flooding and other natural disasters, whilst offering extended network reach.

  • Accessible for client visits

Our clients are welcome to visit our UK facilities in person, to review our operations and data centres. To arrange a data centre tour, please contact us.


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