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Web Acceleration for Speed and Performance

Webcelerator is UKFast's exclusively developed web accelerator, which gives your web servers extra capacity.

Web acceleration enables your web servers to do more - so that you need fewer servers to deliver the solution, resulting in efficient server consolidation.

The web accelerator identifies the amount of content on a page that could be accelerated.

Typically at least 90% of your website's content can be accelerated, which allows us to hugely reduce the load on the web servers. Web content is stored (or cached) in memory so that the files don't need to be retrieved from the web servers on every visit to the page.

This process vastly speeds up the end-user experience and accelerates the performance of your website by around 50%.

Web acceleration technology is ideal for enterprise and large retail websites, as it becomes extremely effective where there is a large volume of traffic. In fact, it performs better at busy times, using the same technology as Facebook and Slashdot to speed up web services.

You will have access to our technical experts who fully understand internet acceleration technology to help you get the best results.

Key benefits of web acceleration

  • Fully managed web acceleration service
  • Ideal for retail, e-commerce and large volume traffic websites
  • Usually reduces throughput and load on web servers by at least 70%
  • Consolidate the work of many web servers into one web accelerator
  • Comes with basic layer 7 load balancing support
  • Improve customer experience with faster loading images and content
  • Access to our web acceleration experts to help you maximise the benefits
  • Solution can be upgraded to an Anti-DDoS service
  • Increase performance by reducing the demand on the web servers
  • Our web accelerator is based on the same technology used by Facebook and Slashdot to speed up web services
  • Works in synergy with your operating system - compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Cost-efficient alternative to traditional CDN services

Contact our Enterprise web acceleration specialists for advice on increasing your site performance.


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